Earn Money Here. Gain SignUps Too.

You will be set up as a Founder Member on Four Income Sites for $5,000 Income generated from commissions for 100 Upgraded Referrals assigned by Admin, Sharing of Revenue, PTC Ad Views Commissions, Premium Solo Ad Clicks Commissions and Unlimited Sign-Ups for Your Offers from 40 Plus Advertising Options.

Founder Level
Referrals Assigned
Auto Earnings
$5,000 Income
Auto Payouts
30 Advert Options

We Have Up To 50% Discount On Activation Fee

What Is UltimateFoundersClub?

It is an Income Opportunity that will get you assigned Founder Membership Level on Four Income and Advertising Programs.

You will have access to all Founder Membership benefits and earnings. This includes at least $1,250 Income from each of the Four Income Programs ( Total = $5,000 ) and 40 Plus Advertising Options. You will be set up to automatically earn the $5,000 as a Founder Member. No need to advertise or bring in new members to earn.

$5,000 Will Come From :

1. UltimateFoundersClub

Presently On Prelaunch – $1,250

2. SuperTrafficTeam

Presently On Prelaunch – $1,250

3. Premium PTC Ads With Membership Levels Program

This is getting set up – $1,250

4. Advertising Packages With Matrix Plan Program

This is getting set up – $1,250


$1,250 X 4 = $5,000


Here are the Income Benefits for Your Ultimate Founder Membership. You will get these benefits on all the Four Advertising and Income Programs.

Assigned Referrals

100 Paid Referrals will be assigned to you on all the Four Advertising and Income Programs.

50% Commissions

You will be setup to receive Up to 50% Commissions From Upgrades And Purchases.

Referral Commissions

Referral Commissions You will be set up to receive are : $25, $55, $150, $175, $250. Free Members will receive - $15.

Matrix Earnings

Unlimited Earnings will come from all Matrix Entries and Re-Entries assigned to You.

Sponsor Bonuses

Unlimited Sponsor Bonus will come from Assigned Referrals Matrix Entries.

Revenue Share

You will get a Share of all Revenue from all Four Advertising and Income Programs.

PTC Ads Views Commissions

Unlimited Commissions from all Assigned Referrals PTC Ads Views and Clicks.

Solo Ads Clicks Commissions

Unlimited Commissions from all Assigned Referrals Premium Solo Ads Clicks

Founder Ads View Commissions

Unlimited Income and Earnings from Views and Clicks on all Premium Ads for Founders.

Contests And Cash Promo Codes

Unlimited Earnings from participating in Contests and using Cash Promo Codes released out.

List Surfing - Social Advertising Network

Thousands Of Sign-Ups For All Your Personal Offers

Your Ultimate Founder Club Membership automatically get you qualified to advertise Your Personal Offers on all Four Advertising and Income Programs. You will have full access to all Advertising Options on them which includes the ones that pays cash to Viewers and Clickers.

Some Advertising Options will be set up for You by Admin especially the Premium ones that pays real cash for viewers and clickers. This is a great opportunity that will surely attract thousands of sign ups to your offers.

Here Are Advertising Options You Will Have Full Access To

More Advertising Options Only For Ultimate Founder Members

These Will Be Done For You By Admin

Cash Paying Ads :

Here Are Advertising Tools You Will Have Full LifeTime Access To

Here Are What You Need To Do

You will immediately start getting set up for the :

Income Benefits

Advertising Benefits

For Your Ultimate Founder Membership.

Frequently Asked Questions


Registration is free. If you want us to get you set up for earnings and all other benefits, You need to request approval for any of Rookie Founder Membership, Elite Founder Membership, Ultimate Founder Membership and 1000 Downlines Seeker. Full details on this, is in Your Member Area. Log in to check.


Yes, you will earn money automatically here if you have Activated Membership. No need to advertise or refer anyone. The earnings will be generated for you from Four Income and Advertising Programs.

Can i Earn Money For Free?

Yes. There is opportunity to earn money for free and get paid automatically everyday.

How Much Can I Earn For Free?

You can earn $10 unlimited times as a free member. Request to be set up for this free income.


Yes, You will be earning money from four Income and Advertising Programs. We will set you up on all four Programs and get you paid on them.


No need to request for earnings withdrawal. When you earn money, it will be paid automatically to you. Just make sure you have the correct Payment Account submitted or added to Your Profile.

On UltimateFoundersClub, when you have earned up to $10, the earning will be paid to Your Account. As for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Cryptos charging higher transaction fee, You will need to have earned up to $50 before you will automatically get paid.

FAQ’s will be updated as questions are received.

Ready To Start Getting Founders Benefits?

Remember, all the listed benefits for Your Ultimate Founder Membership will come from Four Income and Advertising Programs. You must submit Your Offers and get set for Sign-Ups.

If You Are Already Registered

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