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You Automatically Qualify To Be Set Up And Be Getting Your Own Multiple $25 Payments Everyday - If You Join And Submit Your Affiliate Link To Admin Rotator And It Will Be Set Up To Generate The Income For You Everyday The Same Way It Is Automatically Generating Multiple $25 Commissions For Members.

You Will Also Qualify To Automatically Receive A Share Of All Income Generated From Admin's Advertising And Membership Websites ( Until You Have Received Up To $1,000 ) - Check Proves

Screenshot_2($25----Nov 27th)
Screenshot_7($157 - Oct 27)
Screenshot_7($47 - Nov 1)
Screenshot_7($45 - Oct 22)
Screenshot_2($215----Nov 25)
Screenshot_7($70 - Oct 20)
Screenshot_7($25-Oct 20)
Screenshot_7($25 - Oct 27)
Screenshot_13( $30----Nov 28th)
Screenshot_2($191----Nov 25)
Screenshot_7($47 - Oct 24)

No Need To Advertise - Admin Will Do It For You

No Need To Recruit People

Admin Will Automatically Assign Downlines To You

Here Are All You Need To Do :




Auto-Paid To Your Payment Account Everyday.

Admin Will Set Up The Rotator To Generate Clicks / Visits / Paid Referrals / Paid Downlines / Multiple $25 Commissions Daily For You From Top 100 :



Traffic Exchanges

Social Media Sites

Classified Ads Sites

Income Discussion Forums etc.

You Will See :  Daily Clicks / Visits on Your Affiliate Link and Downlines / Referrals and Commissions automatically generated by the Rotator in Your Commission Dashboard. 

You Will Be Set Up To Receive :







 As Your Daily Profitshare 

Until You Received – $1,000

Will Be Auto-Paid To Your Payment Account.

Profitshare Earnings Are Generated : 

(1).  From Admin’s First Website : 

$5 – Coming From Members Upgrade Fee Payments.

(2). From Admin’s Second Website : 





All From Members Upgrade Fee Payments.

These Are Coming From Members Advertising Package Purchases : 

  $1 – From Members 1 Lifetime Banner Ads Purchase

  $2.5 – From Members 2 Lifetime Banner Ads Purchase

  $2.5 – From Members 3 Lifetime Banner Ads Purchase

  $1 – From Members Solo Ads Purchase

  $1 – From Members Login Ads Purchase

  $1 – From Members Fullpage Surf Ads ( 1000 Views ) Purchase

  $2.5 – From Members Fullpage Surf Ads ( 2500 Views ) Purchase

  $2.5 – From Members Fullpage Surf Ads ( 5000 Views ) Purchase

  $2.5 – From Members Gift Slots Purchase.

This Profitsharing Will Continue Until You Have Received : 



More Unlimited Earnings From :

PTC Ads / Cash Paying Ads Views and Clicks.


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